Thursday, July 29, 2010

eLearning hype?

Old hands like me will recognize the unmerited hype that has surrounded some of the earlier products that were going to "change the way we learn". While I think therev are some excellent adjucts to teaching on the web and some cool applications, I don't think any of them will change the way we learn. Is this being curmudgeonly? Perhaps.

I found a good page about e-learning myths.


  1. Hello Peter, I'm working on following you. At the moment I get only get my husband to follow people - he is nice but I don't think it's his priority in life at the moment:-) he was funny the other day we I apologised for taking over his computer: he said he was expecting it one day but he thought it would be our children not his technological illiterate wife:->

  2. Peter I like this daigram. I'm less impressed by hype than I might once have been.
    The dilemma is what drives the educational use- the techniology? or the educational need? Probably in practice there is an accomodation between the two.
    I know that I frequently visit the publishings of George Siemens who regularly critiques from a very sound educational base, new technologies and their usefuleness.
    Look forward to further engagement on this.

  3. Hi Peter, totally know where you are coming from and agree to some extent. And as Willie says, it's not about the tools but the way we use them. Yes...I do think the tools have enabled us to learn in a different learn a lot more from each other because technology gives us access to many more people. I also think it supports life-long learning far more because of the flexibility it gives learners. Can I 'second' Willie and suggest you have a look at George Siemens' work - you may not agree with everything he says, but I think it is a good place to start - I have put a couple of references to his work in the "Resources" section of the course wiki. cheers Sarah

  4. Hi Peter,

    I first came across Hype Cycles when I was in research in a company and we subscribed to Gartner. I do think they have some value, though I'm wary of graphs where one axis has no dimensions. This one looks interesting for us given that Enlightenment and Productivity (allegedly) started several years ago.

    Are Hype Cycles created outside Gartner now? And where does this particular one come from?